Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Freckles is gone😃

Maltipoos are too cute!

Right now I'm fostering, you guessed it, maltipoos! In case you didn't know, maltipoos are Maltese Poodle mixes, and they're adorable! 
They're names are Sebastian and Pippen. We're fostering them from Aussie and other rescue, and so far they've been great. They're less than 2 lbs and haven't had problems about sleeping. If you're interested contact me at abigailstails@live.com or leave a comment on my instagram @abigailstails

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pup Bio-intro

Chance has moved away with my grandma, and can no longer write his opinions on the foster dogs, so I thought, who else would know, really know about these pups. I thought about my cats, but they would be biased. I thought about me, but that's no fun. Then I thought, the dogs should write about them selves! It would express their personality, life from their view, and how they see themselves. Coming soon Freckles will write her Pup Bio

Forgotten Paws' Perfect Pups


Yesterday I went to the Forgotten Paws adoption event at Unleashed By Petco in Bressi Ranch, CA. They hold this event every Saturday, but this is only my second time going. While I was there I met some wonderful dogs. I met Lana, Pattycake, Trixie, Cruiser, Chester, Charlotte, and many others. They were very excited and energetic towards the beginning, but towards the end, they got sleepy. Lana was very sweet and gentle, while her friend Pattycake liked to rest and play. Charlotte was very sweet and towards the end just wanted to sleep. At the end these three besties all snuggled up in my lap. Charlotte was a little cold so I put her in my sweater. Freckles, the dog we are currently fostering, is snuggled up on the left, but more about her later. Lana is the one with one perky ear. Charlotte is the gray one peeking out of my sweater, and Pattycake is right below Lana's head.
Later I had 6 dogs all curled up with me. at one point even 7.
Freckles is on my very left, being sat on by Cruiser. Cruiser(in the blue) is soft and energetic, and loves to be with people. Right in the middle of my lap are the three besties, with Charlotte in the red plaid, Lana in the pink plaid, and Pattycake just in pink. Last but not least is the lovebug who loves to kiss and snuggle, Ginny.
If any of these perfect pups caught you eye, or your looking for a buddy in the Carlsbad, CA area go to http://www.forgottenpaws.org/
See ya next time!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Website I like

Hi every body! Ok, so
I haven't posted in a while, I know I said I would, but with home work and all, I can't seem to find time. All I want to say is that I found this website (Well, technically my mom did, but...) that I really like. You can find it here: http://jasonheiglfoundation.org/ . It's a really nice website that (if you like) you should check out. I have to go right now, but I may(or may not) post more about the website.

Oh, and I think( actually more like hope) that we will get to foster again soon, so check soon, there may be a Chance encounters.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chance Encounters

Chance Encounters

Hey y’all! It’s me, Chance!!! I haven’t had any reason to do a Chance Encounters because we hadn’t had any fosters yet, and I just got to do it now instead of a couple days ago because I lost the laptop. When I heard that we were getting FIVE foster puppies I was sooooooooo excited, but then three got adopted and only two came home. I was really excited as we drove to the place to pick them up. I had overheard that their names were Wren and Finch. After we got them, we went to lunch and Abby changed their names to Sawyer and Finn. They kept running up to me, but I'm kinda… afraid of them. Just two days ago Finch got adopted by someone who adopted his sister. Now it is only Sawyer, I’m a little afraid of him, but every one I know (human or K9, not cats so much) loves him. Well, enough of this talk, you probably want to see this three month old ball o’ fur.


above: Sawyer


Above: Sawyer (Left) and Finch (Right)


Above: Sawyer (Left) and Finch (Right)


Above: Sawyer and Finn exploring


Above: Sawyer smelling a strange smell

I only put those pics that included Sawyer because Finn is already adopted. Well, I guess this is Bye-bye.


Ok, well, I guess I didn’t exactly have as much time as I thought. I will no longer make any promises, but I THINK I will be able to post more often, I have quite a few things to say, but I think I will save them for other posts, I think I’ll keep this one short. You will be expecting a new column(I think), at least one Chance encounters, a special one-time c0lumn, and hopefullyFingers crossed a doggone! See ya soon!